• Tell-Tale Signs it is Time for Gutter Replacement

  • Tell-Tale Signs it is Time for Gutter Replacement

    At first glance, your home gutter system may seem rather sturdy and impervious to wear and tear. While this is true, gutters made of aluminum or galvanized steel will last for approximately 20 years, and copper gutters hold on for about 50 years. Unfortunately, these timeframes don’t account for issues like damage caused by ladders or fallen tree limbs.

    Also, if you aren’t aware of when your home’s gutters were installed, how do you know if it is time to invest in replacements? You can’t risk having a gutter system that is dysfunctional; however, you don’t want to take down a properly working set of gutters, either. Keep reading to get to know some of the signs it may be time to make this investment here.

    The Presence of Rust Spots, Holes, and Cracks

    A few of these issues can be repaired using sealant and flashing. However, if you see these issues throughout the gutter system, a better option will likely be replacing the gutter system altogether.

    Broken Fasteners 

    These are the metal pieces responsible for holding a section of gutter to your roof. They also have the job to keep the gutter level. If just a few of these fasteners are broken, they can be repaired pretty easily. However, if there are more than a few broken fasteners present, it is a sign of advanced wear and tear to your gutter system and a sign replacement is the best option.

    Screws and Nails on the Ground

    In some situations, the screws or the nails responsible for fastening the gutters to the home’s fascia will work themselves loose. While replacing these isn’t too hard, if there are too many missing, opting for replacement may be the best option.

    Separated Gutters

    Your gutters will only function if they are properly fastened together in a continuous channel. If your gutters have begun to separate from each other, investing in gutter replacement may be the best course of action.

    Gutters That Pull Away from the Roof

    It’s possible to hammer in the fasteners again and again; however, if the spaces start to appear between the gutters and your roofline, it may be an indication the fascia boards have begun to rot. If you invest in new gutters, this will take care of all the issues present, restoring your gutters to proper function.

    Improperly Pitched or Sagging Gutters

    If the appropriate pitch isn’t present in the gutter system, the water will begin to pool in specific sections, and it may start to pool over. It’s a good idea to think about replacing your gutters if you can’t fix this issue.

    Is it time for new gutters? By now, you should know for sure. Be sure to reach out to the professionals if you think it is time for new gutters, as they can provide a professional inspection and ensure you make the right decision. However, if you see any of the signs here, it is safe to say, it’s a smart investment to make.

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